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    Backed by a team of experienced scientists and special engineers, LT-P offers over 40 years experience in Research, Designing and Manufacturing of Crystals, Optics, Lasers, Laser Systems and Technological Equipment.
    The basic directions of its scientific and specific technical activities determine the LT-P's structure. Main Departments include Crystals, Optics, Lasers, Systems, and Engineering Support.
    Today LT-P employs over one hundred scientists with a variety of backgrounds including quantum electronics, laser physics, laser application and crystal growth technologies. Approximately one hundred highly skilled technicians and operators are supporting its numerous laboratories and production facilities.
    Parallel with fundamental research and development, the company masters technologies and possesses facilities for:

  • Growth of Laser, Non-Linear and Acousto-Optic Crystals using the Czochralski, Bridgman-Stockbarger, Horizontally Directed Crystallization techniques.
  • X-ray orientation, cutting, finishing and testing of all types of soft and hard Crystals.
  • Design and manufacturing of Optics and Laser Optics Elements.
  • Test of active and passive characteristics of crystals.
  • Vacuum Deposition of Multi-Layer Coatings for Optics and Laser Optics, Titanium - Nitride Vacuum Deposition.
  • Laser Pulse Generation and Laser Beam Modulation using AO, EO and Passive Q-Switches, Mode Lockers, Modulator Devices and Drivers.
  • Solid-state Tunable Lasers using Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPO) and Optical Parametric Amplifiers (OPA).
  • High power CW and Pulsed Lasers.
  • Visible and near IR LIDAR system.
  • Construction of various devices: Drivers, Laser Power Supplies and other electronic devices associated with the company activities and products.