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LT-PYRKAL is a Greek-Armenian research, development and production company, specializing in crystal growth, laser accessories and components, lasers and systems. It has industrial facilities for laser production and synthetic crystal growth with production area of 30.000sq.m and employs a personnel of 250 highly qualified specialists and other employees.

LT-PYRKAL has been established in 1999 on the basis of "Laserayin Teknika" Research and Development (R&D) Company one of the leading centers of laser physics and engineering in the former Soviet Union by the distinguished late Prof. V.Harutyunyan. The history of "Laserayin Teknika" R&D Company goes back to the roots of laser physics and laser engineering. It was founded on the basis of Research Laboratory of Radiation Physics and Department of Quantum Electronics at Yerevan State University by the distinguished late Prof. V.Harutyunyan. The Company was developing rather dynamically and by the middle of the 80-s it included Research Institute, Design Bureau, and Pilot Factory. At that time more than 1000 specialists worked in the company.

The basic directions of scientific and engineering activities of the company were fundamental research; crystal growth technologies; development of lasers and laser systems, crystal growth equipment; new laser technologies. A number of nonlinear resonance and polarization effects has been predicted and experimentally realized for the first time in the organization.

The investigation resulted in the formation of a highly sensitive method in high-resolution spectroscopy. The company was one of the first institutions which initiated investigations of the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and free electrons, which allowed creating lasers and accelerator on free electrons. The company achieved great success in development of nonlinear, laser and acousto-optical crystal growth technologies, CW and pulsed lasers, picosecond, nanosecond, gas and excimer lasers, lasers systems, as well as in production of all these items, in new laser technologies. The main strategy of the LT-PYRKAL is the organization of all technological processes inside the company, which supports full cycle of research, development and production of crystals, optics, lasers, systems and technological equipment.

LT-PYRKAL is also provided with a Local Area Network (LAN) system, connected to Internet, enabling the users to work with basic Internet and Intranet services, such as Web, e-mail and FTP. LAN supports heterogeneous environment of Linux, Novell NetWare, MS Windows NT/2000 servers and workstations.